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How We Started

Our love of Burmese and Asian cats started many years ago when we bought a Lilac Boy. His character was something we had never experienced before. An affectionate, vibrant fun loving cat that would play fetch, wait in hiding to pounce on you as you walked by and needed to be part of everything that was going on around the house.

We started breeding in 2001, with the intention of providing long term companions to people offering loving homes. This is no different to the way we feel today. Before our babies leave us we require assurance they are going to suitable homes.

All our breeding queens live in the house with us, and are part of the family. The Kittens live indoors with us until they are ready for their new homes. They all come vaccinated, CCCF registered and five weeks free insurance.

We are located in Norfolk, in a village close to Swaffham approx 30 miles West of Norwich.


Grand Champion Elliechlo Esme Kerensa (Roxy)

Grand Champion Kagura Elliechlo


ASH n 25 31


Imperial Grand Champion

Elliechlo Pixie-Trixie

ASH m 11 31

Ro​xy is a Blue based Caramel Asian Shaded Burmilla

Burmese Colour Restriction

bred by us

Grand Champion Raweke Caramac (Cara)

Imperial Grand Champion Raweke Jeroboam 



Champion Raweke Russian Doll

Bur n

Cara is a Chocolate Burmese 

bred by Dr Sally Giles

Raweke Eileithyia (TIA)

Imperial Grand Champion Raweke Russian Roulette 



Imperial Grand Champion Raweke Eurydice


Tia  is a Brown Burmese 

bred by Dr Sally Giles

Grand Champion Chinatree Elliechlo  (Mollie)

Champion Chinatree Ambercrombie 

ALH e 11 31


Champion Chinatree Winter Rose

ALH b 31

Mollie is a Chocolate Tortie Shaded Tiffanie

Burmese Colour Restriction

bred by Cath Agus

Imperial Grand Champion Raweke Jeroboam (Dexter)

Imperial Grand Champion Silky Majesty Quintessential

BUR b 


Imperial Grand Champion Raweke Arcadia


Dexter is a Chocolate Burmese

bred by Dr Sally Giles

Dexter is a Restricted Stud

Grand Champion 

Kagura Elliechlo  Mowgli  

ASH n 25 31 

Grand Champion Kagura  Aleppo 

ASH b 25 


Imperial Grand Champion Kagura Katisha 

ASH n 25 31

Mowgli is a Brown Asian Ticked Tabby 

Burmese Colour Restriction

bred by Mr SJ Crow & Mr T Gross

Mowgli is a Restricted Stud 

Roll of Honour

Cats Bred  by us

Imperial Grand Champion ELLIECHLO VAL LETTA  ( ASH b 25 31) Chocolate Asian Ticked Tabby BCR f

Imperial Grand Champion ELLIECHLO VERONESE  (ASH f 25 31) Brown Asian Tortie Ticked Tabby BCR f

Imperial Grand Champion ELLIECHLO  PIXIE-TRIXIE  (ASH m 11 31) Caramel Asian Burmilla BCR f

Imperial Grand Premier ELLIECHLO PENALUNA TANDI (ASH h 25 31)Chocolate Asian Tortie TT BCR fn

Grand Champion ELLIECHLO IOANA ROSETTA  (ASH b 25 31) Chocolate Asian Ticked Tabby BCR f

Grand Champion ELLIECHLO ESME KERENSA (ASH m 11 31) Blue Based Caramel Asian Burmilla BCR f

Grand Premier ELLIECHLO CHAMPERS BAMBINO  ( BUR b) Chocolate Burmese mn

Champion  ELLIECHLO CASSIE BLANCA  (ASH b 25) Chocolate Asian Ticked Tabby Full Expression f

Champion ELLIECHLO MIA MIKO  (ASH h 25 31) Chocolate Asian Tortie Ticked Tabby BCR f

Cats Owned by us past and present

Imperial Grand Champion RAWEKE JEROBOAM (BUR b) Chocolate Burmese m

Grand Champion KAGURA ELLIECHLO MOWGLI (ASH n 25 31) Brown Asian Ticked Tabby BCR m

Grand Champion  RAWEKE CATANIA (BUR n)  Brown Burmese f

Grand Champion RAWEKE CARAMAC (BUR b) Chocolate Burmese f

Grand Champion CHINATREE  ELLIECHLO LAMOLYNEUX (ALH h 11 31 Choc Tortie Shaded Tiffanie BCR f

Champion BUGGIBA ELLIECHLO GABBIE (ASH f 25 31)   Brown Asian Tortie Ticked Tabby BCR fn

New Owners Photos

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